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Trinity Dental Care

Trinity Dental Care

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Dental Crowns


A dental crown or otherwise known as a cap is a custom made dental prosthetic that is permanently bonded to teeth for the following purposes: a. Strengthen teeth b. Create a beautiful smile c. Functionality (Allowing patients to chew food properly) A crown is placed in the mouth covering an existing tooth for the following reasons: a. Due to large cavities or decay on tooth b. After a root canal procedure c. To give strength to cracked or chipped teeth d. Cosmetic reasons or simply to get the smile you always wanted. 
See video for a visual illustration. A Crown once bonded acts and feels just like your own tooth. You can eat, talk, laugh and smile just as you did before placement. There are different kinds of materials to make a dental crown and your dentist will let you know the best one for your particular need.